Friday, December 25, 2015

Burnt my dad some CD's for xmas, ended up being one of the best gifts i've given him.

I told my dad i'd burn him a mix cd for xmas, he wound up giving me a list of a hundred songs he wanted. That's no big deal to me since I download music everyday but to him he seemed like he worked hard just to come up with a list like that. He just started getting back into music in recent years. He mostly listens to old-timey country music.

I gave it to him and we immediately put the cd's on and started listening and his reaction was priceless. He was hit with a wave of nostalgia over the songs. He started telling me some really interesting stories about where he was when he first heard that song, learned a lot of things I never knew.

Then he started talking about my mom and said she used to be a popular professional singer at some big name DC Nightclubs a long time ago. And how she gave up her career because she didn't want to tour on the road and wanted to be with my dad instead.

tl:dr I tried to cut this post down so it wouldn't be too long, he told me a lot of interesting things I never knew about my 60+ year old parents that his nostalgia for music reminded him of. Thought it was really interesting.

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