Friday, December 18, 2015

I understand how important The Beatles were and are in the modern music, but I do not personally enjoy most of their work.

I can't even voice this out lud amongst my friends anymore because i get shouted down but I stand by it. I didn't listen to them until, like properly listen to them, until I was about 17 and by then I'd listened to a lot of 70's rock, blues, jazz and I played in wind bands and orchestras so I listened to a lot of classical music.

So by the tme I got about to listen to them, all their most loved and well known music, that I naturally started with, sounded like I'd heard it all before. It's because I had heard it all before. their harmonies ad chord progressions were perfect, in the classical sense of the word. Their structures sounded good to everyone because they followed the rule of composing that the composers of the classical era had perfected.

After that all the other bands followed suit so all the bands and artists I, we, have been listening to have been doing variations of their style because of their significance of being the first Pop band. So all the music I had studied and all the music I loved to listen to , had been in someway related to the Beatles because of their paramountcy in modern popular music.

So in summary, I know they have many fantastic songs but by the time I really sat down to listen to them, there was nothing really new to hear and everyone else had built them else so much, I just felt a bit disappointed.

This all happened because I tried to post New Order - Blue Monday and realised it was discussion day and I could not just post a link. It's your reward for listening to my random spiel.

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