Sunday, December 20, 2015

Madonna has been shameless pasting her face on the artwork of unknown artists without credit or permission.

It's the second time I've seen her do it, and in light of the recent debacle with Taylor Swift I figure it might be worth it to bring this to light as well.

Artist Danny Quirk (who's a local from my area) first started seeing madonna using his artwork on instagram which didn't spark much of a reaction untill he started seeing the images being used on her Rebel Heart tour.

Here's the side by side comparision of his artwork next to Madonnas atrocity.

This is not her first time doing this either, she's also done this to artist Jonas Jödicke, where she again copy and pasted her face on his original piece of art.

Their efforts to contact her have lead to a brick wall, and they've heard absolutely nothing back.

Danny Quirk isn't even looking for compensation so much that he's looking for recognition. He's not a wealthy artist and like many of us - has tons of student bills from college. Recognition from madonna and getting his name out their would do wonders for his career.

I wonder if this is an unspoken business strategy; big artists praying on smaller artists for material without providing compensation.

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